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Accuracy LLC provides verified legal and financial translation, interpretation and legal editorial services to clients around the globe.

Accuracy clients receive precise translations done by colleagues, who understand the language you speak.

Our translators, interpreters and instructors are licensed attorneys and subject matter experts.

We offer competitive rates and prompt turnaround.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your business.

Our Services

The Accuracy LLC offers the full breadth of linguistic services, including translation, interpretation, legal editorial, copyright and legal English instruction.

Data transmission through secure channels and trusted workforce located worldwide provide constant availability and solutions to time and jurisdictional concerns. We ensure the confidentiality of your business.

Legal Edit
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The quality of a translation is more than simple correspondence between the source and target document. It is inherently bound to the action you wish to compel in its reader. Our translators are native speaking lawyer-linguists, financial service experts and qualified technical experts who work to improve the quality of the target document by understanding its purpose and your business needs.

We accurately convey intended meaning and as necessay advise on motifications to solve linguistic concerns inherent to translation which are crucial to the success of your document. As necessary, our translations include consise commentary to assist you in reviewing and processing our work efficiently. Our aim is to craft documents that compel your intended result be it the cessation of undesired action, the conclusion of contract or engagement of your services by the target.

Moreover, we provide certified translations, which comply with the strict criteria of local, national and international tribunals.  

Always on the mark with Accuracy

Accuracy LLC provides a comprehensive suite of language services including legal and financial translation, interpretation, editing and legal English instruction. Accuracy ’s services are performed by attorneys, specialist linguists and financial sector experts,

Professional execution is our hallmark. We maintain strict records including duly executed NDAs, formal cost estimates, confirmations and insider lists and perform internal monitoring protocols to ensure quality and timely delivery. 


With translators located worldwide, the Accuracy LLC has linguists available to promptly process your order.

Highly qualified linguists from the legal and financial sector with native command of the target language and established selection and monitoring protocols ensure that your translations always remain consistent.

Timely delivery of documents that meet your parameters is ensured through experienced translators and interpreters and systematic procedures for processing and delivering your translation.


We work with attorneys, specialist linguists and financial sector experts with years of experience in commercial, transaction and finance law.

Thousands of pages of legal and financial content translated and hundreds of documents reviewed provide confidence, from which you profit.

Experienced and motivating legal English trainers ensure efficient and lasting language success.


Clear and readily comprehensible estimatesand invoices form the basis of our fair pricing and policies.

We execute proven protocols for processing and monitoring your commission’s progress and delivery. This means you meet your deadlines and can plan ahead.

We maintain the strictest of internal records. From duly-executed NCNDAs, formal cost estimates, confirmations and insider lists to our internal monitoring protocols, professional execution is our hallmark.


We craft our products and services  to fit your parameters precisely.

Our translations include comprehensive remarks to assist you in efficiently understanding and processing our work.

Confidence in our promptness and punctuality allows you to concentrate on your mandate while we concentrate on ours. We stand by our work.

We are conscientious service providers interested foremost in improving our products and services to surpass your demands and help you succeed.

• We request and heed your input.

Bussiness Document and Presentations

We provide complete English language presentations and advisory in developing your entire acquisition strategy and pitch pack.

We assist you in developing proper documentation including e.g., estimate, invoice, dunning letter and purchase order templates to help you reach and convincel your customers through professional business practices.

We understand what these documents must contain to streamline your internal business processes and assist you in maintaining healthy client relationship. 

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Why does Accuracy charge on a per keystroke basis?

Transparency. An estimate based on a per-keystroke rate provides the most reliable indication of what a translation will ultimately cost. The length of words specific to fields varies greatly between languages. To accomodate for this factor, Accuracy invoices for the amount of keystrokes in the final or source file, whichever longer. 

Insofar as legal-lingistic commentary is necessary, Accuracy invoices an additional per hour fee. 

The proprietary results of field specific research allows us to predict the amount of keystrokes in a target file by accounting for differences between word length in the source and target languages. We are able to provide precise and transparent estimates. Please contact us for more details. 

Why does Accuracy allow only one legal translator to translate a document?

Quality. All Accuracy linguists are provided access to our translation memory software and files. Usage and diction invariably differ between translators. This creates undue expenses and time to align multiple contributions with our quality standards.

A flowing translation upfront ultimately saves time and increases comprehension. Unless project urgency and size requires, we guarantee that one qualified linguist will translate your material before it is edited in accordance with our internal protocols.

How can Accuracy ensure some of the quickest turnaround in the industry?

Experience. Accuracy works with educated jurists, financial experts and technical translators possessing advanced university degrees and professional expertise in the legal and financial regimes relevant to the source and target language of your project. Our reach is unparalleled and hence we are able to couple your request with the best qualified linguists.

Moreover, we employ rigorous protocols and tracking documentation to ensure quality, address any eventual challenges and deliver precise, timely language services.

Why should you decide for us?

Accuracy. Precise translations allow you to concentrate on the real content of your financial or legal mandate. Learned and consise commentary assist you in better conveying your message and compelling the result you wish to achieve. Our services and products impart our dedication to furthering your commitment to quality. 

We save you time and ultimately money. When your business depends on understanding your and your target`s language, your business depends on Accuracy.